Give The Gift Of Utah


We love Utah. From Salt Lake City to the magnificent Arches National Park, Utah is the place we call home. Unfortunately, not everyone can live in the Beehive State. That led us to the idea of boxing the state up and sending it to friends and family who either miss home or would like to experience what makes our state so fantastic.  We’re excited to finally announce the launch of The Utah Box.

We’ve spent hours hand picking each item to include in our gift box. We discussed and surveyed everyone we knew asking them, “If you could choose a handful of items that represent Utah, what would they be?” The answers we received have been fascinating. We’ve learned more about our native land than any of us thought possible. There’s rich culture to be found here and we’re delighted to be able to ship a little sample to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Here’s some insight into why we chose a few of the items.

Nestled in each community in Utah is a person that is hard at work making something by hand. Maybe you see them at the Downtown Farmers Market in SLC or Coleman’s Motor-Vu Swap Meet in Ogden; no matter which part of the state you’re visiting, you’re sure to come across a wide range of artisan items.

Beehive Soap, named after our state, captured that incredible piece of culture that we were looking to share. Plus, handmade soap seemed to appeal to just about anyone who loves a nice hot shower.  

It’s hard to imagine someone visiting Utah and not taking a trip to the magnificent Arches National Park. The arches are truly one of America’s unique natural wonders. These gigantic structures have existed for thousands of years. We’ve built our brand around the astounding beauty that Utah has to offer. Hopefully, this keychain acts as a suggestion for you to take a road trip and explore our wonderful parks down south.

Located near the town of Redmond, Utah, lies a mine that many claim holds the best tasting salt in the world. Salt’s a big deal for Utahns, especially since the Great Salt Lake, the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere, can be found within its borders. Real Salt is a regional favorite and a popular export. It’s the easiest way for us to send you a physical piece of our land.

Unfortunately, we can’t ship any alcoholic beverages via USPS, but we stumbled on a local favorite that has spread throughout the western part of the country. Apple Beer has been owned by the same family for over four decades. Formulated from natural ingredients, like pure cane sugar, we hope to delight your tastebuds with this age-old Bavarian recipe.

The average American consumes 12 pounds of chocolate each year. Armed with that statistic, we made a call to Utah Truffle. Made with Belgian milk chocolate these delicious morsels of awesomeness are a must have for anyone with Utah on their mind.